Ann Esievaodje is a freelance writer with an ability to use words effectively to suit any writing relayed demand.

Raised as a science student, she nursed her desire for the written arts until she graduated from the University of Benin with both a Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. She then went on to enrol with the Writers Bureau Institute in England for a course in Comprehensive Writing which included fiction and non-fiction writing.

She has been publishing articles since 2005 in different publications (both print and digital). She runs her blog, Life, Love and Anything Goes as well as her Facebook pages Ann Esievoadje where she shares writing tips and advice and Life Love and Anything Goes where she discusses current time-bound issues. The Quilt is her first published and printed book while Being Mummy and Me is her first non-fiction ebook.


Ann Esievoadje works as a Writer, Editor, Content Creator, Writing Instructor and the Head of the Creative department at Pulchra Publishing. She is currently the host of Book Lovers Alley, a show on Nimabox online TV; alongside handling multiple projects such as writing her novel, Freakshow and revising her novella Asoebi Girl for the umpteenth time.

When she isn’t glued to her computer/phone or scribbling in her notepads, she spends her time reading, watching movies, salivating over culinary programs and going swimming. She is married to her loving husband, popularly called pastor Kite, and they live in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. Together they are devoted to their two sons, Nathan and Jaden Esievoadje.

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