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When I lost my dad, I sat in my room crying. My 2year old son heard me from his room and came to check on me. He asked, “Mummy what is wrong? Mummy why you crying?” I hugged him and as soon as he noticed me sniff back catarrh, he went to get me a tissue. Later, I served him his meal and he started trying to feed himself. Something he normally doesn’t do. It was as if he wanted to give me time to myself. Lol. #joyofmotherhood.

To find your sense of personal identity while handling the challenges of motherhood, you have to:

1. Remember who you were before the children, the things you loved and why you loved them.

2. Learn to fall in love with yourself. If you don’t love yourself you won’t appreciate you and it can affect your relationships.

3. Improve your attitude towards yourself and embrace your flaws. We aren’t perfect but we can learn from our spouses how to improve the areas where they complement us and hence become better individuals.

4. Care for yourself and cater to your needs. Self-nurture is essential for your well-being and that of those around you.

5. Always do a periodic self-analysis; we change with time so it’s important to always evaluate ourselves to know what we want in life and how we want it.

6. Validate your own goals and dreams. Doing what you love makes you happy and less resentful of life. Take time out to be alone and do whatever it is that replenishes your soul.

7. Don’t try to be like other people and don’t try to impress people otherwise you’ll lose sight of who you are.

To find out more on why these points and more represent my views on keeping your individuality while being a married parent and to hear more true life stories on relationship between parents and kids, get a copy of my book: Being Mummy and Me [Tales of Motherhood].

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