The year is at an end and I just realised I haven’t shared anything fresh on my website. I apologise for that. As for my other blog, Life Love and anything Goes on, I will occasionally be updating it with other non-writing related issues I would love to share on. But this right here is for all my writers (established and aspiring) as well as my readers who want to know me more.

Lately, I have been collaborating with other writers on different projects – from writing and editing to blogging and creating videos for Instagram (IG). Some projects I can share, others I may not be able to share. But this one thing I can share, I will be dropping writing tips, writing experiences like workshop attendance or updates from my writing process, excerpts from my books, stories from random one word-prompts & content writing challenges I embark on.

For a more rounded view on all things Ann Esievoadje (moi), follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter and IG – @annkite0 ie zero). Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, invite other writers to join ‘The Writers Hub Community’ and purchase copies of my books from my website’s store.

Stick around. It is bound to be a fun ride.

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